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Meet Your Coach

My mission is to enlighten youth to the power of their minds and to teach them to use empowerment as they face challenges in life.

My passion is teaching kids to focus on their strengths, how to increase their self-confidence and how to attract their dreams and passions of the mind.

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David Blumstein

I have been involved in transformation for the past 25 years.

My coaching technique centers on the ontology (Being) of a person and getting to their source or story (or “What Happened”). One’s interpretation is critical as it opens up the way to authenticity and a new creation of “What’s Possible”.

I am a certified WISDOM Coach for Kids.  I work with kids, through stories, to build authentic relationships with families and empower them in their lives.

Families are always committed to work-ability!

​WISDOM Coaches™ are life coaches, educators, counselors, and experts, who are certified to use The Adventures in Wisdom Life Coaching Program for Kids™ Curriculum in their Practice.

​WISDOM Coaches™ are very skilled in working with your kids to break through challenges and reach their fullest potential



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