About Our Services

Give Your Child the Ultimate Advantage.

Private Tutoring

One on One Coaching 

  • Each session is 1:15 mins

    • 1 hour with the child and 15mins with parent.

  • Work to be done at home with each other.

  • Unlimited texts available for question and clarity 

  • Starting at $379

GROUP Coaching 

  • Group of no more than 6 per group (usually 2yrs 10-12,13-15,-15-17).

  • Each session is an 1 hour long 

  • Work sent home to be work on with parent.

  • 1 text per week

  • Price to be Determined.

Reading Group
Online Family Entertainment

FAMILY Coaching

  • Designed per family – child needs to do first intro program.

  • Calls are set up with at least 1 call per week with whole family to develop communication within the family.

  • The intention is for each to get into the others persons world and NOT to defend yourself but to get how it is for the other person and what can be created.

  • Unlimited texts for all.

  • Price to be determined